Princess Naa Asie Ocansey

Princess Naa Asie Ocansey

Naa (Princess) Asie Ocansey is a member of the Ocansey Royal Family of Ada, Ghana.

She is a Woman of God, a Professional Engineer, a Philantropist, a businesswoman, a songwriter, a mother for the motherless, a voice for the voiceless, a migration expert and radio show hostess. Naa co-founded the rural Nekotech Center of Excellence in her hometown-Ada, with the late USA mega entertainer, Mr. Isaac Hayes and co-founded the White House and Buckingham Palace recognized Save a Million Lives from HIV/AIDS Project with the African American National Medical Association and Student National Medical Association.

Having been educated at the prestigious Wesley Girls High School in Ghana and Rutgers University’s College of Engineering in the USA, Naa gained valuable working experience in the USA, working in Professional Engineering and Consulting positions with Fortune 500 USA companies, such as Pepsico and Johnson & Johnson, while working on UNDP and UNEP/ICT Consulting international assignments.

She co-pioneered the opening of the first Afrocentric boutique in a major department store- Dayton-Hudson’s & Marshall Fields in Detroit, where she co-developed a multi-million dollar high quality,African centered clothing line, The Ashanti Kingdom Collection in 1993. During this time, she launched the famous ‘KwesiBear’ mascot to build a bridge of love between Africans and Americans. QVC ‘discovered’ her during this time, and made her an offer to co-host – Destination:Africa, QVC-TV’s first Afrocentric boutique from 1994-1996. This very popular show had a viewership of over 70 million persons brought to live to TVs across America, the quality and beauty of Africa and African products triggering many top stores like Pier 1 and JC Penny to come to Ghana for millions of dollars worth of similar wares to offer similar products to African Americans in these major department stores.

She used this exposure and influence to build economic and cultural bridges leading several high profile African American millionaires, such as the late ‘Black Moses-Isaac Hayes’ and billion dollar companies, such as QVC and Avon Products – to Ghana resulting in many investment projects and more exposure of Africa to African Americans which boosted many tour programs.

As a philanthropist, together with Isaac Hayes, whom she arranged to be made a Chief of Development, they brought several other African American Hollywood stars such as Denzel Washington to help build educational bridges by building a school in Ada. When the pain of HIV/AIDS started to escalate in Africa, she became the bridge builder for healthcare, petitioning the African American National Medical Association and Student National Medical Association to bring the plight of many poor AIDS orphans to global attention. She then added Steven Segal to the team, with whom she co-founded the Save a Million Lives Orphan support program. Several million lives were saved from HIV/AIDS through her national TV series, many poor orphans received shelter and food, free medical care and medications. The “Save a Million Lives from HIV/AIDS” Program was recognized by the White House in 2002, winning several awards in Ghana, USA and through Save a Million Lives, UK, Buckingham Palace.

Naa’s work has been recognized and acclaimed by many awards particularly for her impactful work in HIV/AIDS and Migration. Naa is clearly devoted to fighting for the voiceless and faceless poor by mobilizing global support to help them break generational cycles of poverty, illiteracy and disease. She has been featured on several radio and TV shows in Ghana and overseas – such as CNN, BBC, ABC News Fox TV, CBS, Ghana’s GTV, TV3, TV Africa and Metro TV, as well as on TV’s in Canada for her humanitarian visits to sick children in BC and Alberta hospitals. She strives to live her life by reflecting Christ through 1 Cor 16 v 14 which asks us to …..”Do Everything in Love.” Princess Ocansey is a devoted mother to her daughter, Fumi Serwa and several adopted sons and daughters..


CIRCULAR LEGAL MIGRATION: A GAME CHANGING BRAIN GAIN EMPLOYMENT STRATEGY FOR GHANA Circulation legal migration, the temporary movement of migrant workers between home and host, assists in addressing youth employment, while being used to tap diasporan expertise.