H.E. Dr Erieka Bennett

H.E. Dr Erieka Bennett

Head of Mission, Diaspora African Forum (DAF), Vice Chairperson,
African Communications Agency.

  • Dr. Bennett’s strong love for the Africa Woman was given concrete expression in March 2004 when she was one of the creators of African Woman 2004 which produced the Abuja Accords, the historic document on the Aspirations of the African Woman which was developed at the first ever African Woman’s conference held in Abuja, Nigeria, March 2004. This document is being submitted to Beijing plus ten for forum development and adoption as a major voice for the African woman at the United Nations Forum for women. She was elected as Africa Women 2004” in the category of mentoring.
  • Dr. Bennett is a trusted Advisor to ECOWAS and she also currently serves on the Advisory Counsel of the President of Ghana.
  • Dr. Bennett assists in providing guidance to the development of progressive Ghana. She has also been an informal trusted Advisor to the President of Nigeria. Dr. Bennett monitors actives of African development through her involvement with international discussions such as the African -African American summits, ECOWAS meetings, AU summits and most recently the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (where she was one of only two African African American women official participants).
  • With economic development at the forefront of her planning for Africa, Dr. Bennett served with distinction for two terms as the International Vice President of the African Business Roundtable, the oldest indigenous African Business Group on the Continent. Under her able leadership, the African Business Roundtable grew in distinction and prestige, enabling African Business to gain another voice. Dr. Bennett is the Vice Chairman of African Communications Associates. ACA under Dr. Bennett’s direction was partially responsible for the creation and launching of Inside Africa Show, one of CNN’s most popular shows. Dr. Bennett is a Media Executive specializing in Branding and image stratedgies. The Legacy, a pictorial history of President Bill Clinton’s historic linkage to Africa and its development was published under her direction.
  • Dr. Bennett is a well versed educational facilitator. Founded “The Bridge Inc.” in 1985, training and consulting firm which creates a viable linkage between Africa and America. Developed and managed training programs for government hotels in Zimbabwe and Nigeria, Ghana. Training and management for Sun Hotels, Ritz Carlton – creating new levels of excellence in service standards. Dr. Bennett is recognized the world over for her tremendous charitable contributions, she is generous benefactor of several children’s causes.


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