Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan

Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan

Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan is a human resource practitioner with over 25 years’ experience.  She has represented the Ghana Employers’ Association (GEA) during International Labour Organisation (ILO) conferences on numerous occasions. She is also an Honorary Fellow of the Boardroom Institute of the Graduate School of Governance and Leadership.


Ellen is a graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon.  She also holds an MBA from the Graduate School, University of Leicester.

Like most of people, she started out as an employee, first as a national service person at Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School in her home town Saltpond, followed by stints at Volta River Authority, and nearly a decade at SGS Ghana Ltd. During this period and based on her work experiences and training in Human Resource Management she wondered about the absence of employment agencies in Ghana and most of West Africa. Wondering became a dream, to establish an employment agency and training centre for secretaries and administrative staff, key to the success of any enterprise.

Being Ellen, she had to live the dream, and take the plunge and switch from being an employee to become an employer. Thus was the birth of L’AINE Services Limited (the word L’AINE is French for first-born or eldest), a self-owned, self-managed wholly Ghanaian company.  The reality became much bigger than the dream which is now not only an employment and training organisation, but a human resource centre which includes such human resource services as outsourcing, organisational development, salary surveys, rapporteuring,  staff performance appraisals,  career guidance, CV preparation, interview grooming, psychometric tests, among others.

Additionally, she is a co-founder of Legacy Leadership Girls’ School, a secondary institution which aims at nurturing and guiding the leadership potential in girls.

Apart from her recent award from CIMG, Marketing Woman of the Year -2011, the company also won CIMG Print Advert of the Year, 2011 for their ‘Bend Over Backwards” campaign and was named the 50th most prestigious company by GIPC during the Ghana Club 100 award ceremony. Dr. Mrs. Ellen Hagan was awarded “Strategic Leadership Award” by the World HRD Congress in India in February 2011, in recognition of her achievement in Human Resources development in Ghana. The International Christian Business Excellence Awards (ICBE global awards) also conferred two awards; Best Consultant and Best Consultancy for the year 2010/2011. She was also recently awarded the International Star for Quality Awards, Gold Award, 2012, in Geneva and the Nobles International Award by the West African Nobles Forum, for her integrity in West Africa. The Europe Business Assembly (EBA) also conferred on her two awards; Best Enterprise Award – 2012 and Best Manager Award -2012.

Her passion for writing has led her to be the very first Ghanaian to produce management training videos in Ghana using Ghanaian actors and presenters, where scenarios typical of the Ghanaian work environment and attitudes are portrayed. She has produced 10 management training videos so far, which act as a very effective way of correcting behaviour because Ghanaian participants understand the language and culture and therefore identify more readily with the subject.

She has also written articles for the HR Focus, L’AINE Services’ quarterly magazine which is distributed free of charge.  The HR Focus is currently the only human resource magazine in Ghana.

Dr. Mrs. Hagan has published in HR Focus on a wide range of subjects including sexual harassment in the work place, the gap between industry and academia, the employment issues in Ghana’s emerging oil industry, and staff attrition rate in the work place.

As a devout, practicing Christian, she has written and published some 20 articles in her church magazine, “the Christian Sentinel”, over the past decade. These articles have covered diverse issues that affect the daily lives of Christians, and non-Christians, at home, in their communities and in the work place. They include such topical Christian issues as staying in God’s presence, the profile of our souls, and the old adage, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Dr. Mrs. Hagan also writes about relationships in the home, between adults, and adults and children and grandparents. Inevitably, Dr. Mrs. Hagan is able to speak in layman’s terms about HR issues in a Christian magazine, when she asks “have you considered old age?”

She has written plays on social issues which are broadcast on national radio and she is also the author of 2 books, “All About Interviews” and “Soft Skills; What Gives a Jobseeker an Edge Over the Other.”

Career counselling and guidance is another area in which Mrs. Hagan has focused a lot of her attention.  She mentors the youth at tertiary level when they are about to enter the world of work.  Following this desire to see the youth move forward in their work life and to open the eyes of the youth to job opportunities other than formal office work; to encourage them to think out of the box and to fulfil their career and life expectations, she established The L’AINE Foundation to source funds to concretise the youth’s ideas and plans.  The Foundation has initiated programs to raise funds to support these dreams.  She has participated in Career Fairs at Ashesi University, Central University College, St. Paul’s Anglican Church Youth, Seers Foundation, to name a few.


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