Amma Gyampo

Amma Gyampo

Business Coach, Management Consultant, Funding Matchmaker

Amma Gyampo is passionate about Africa’s development, youth empowerment and “womenpreneurship”.
Her work centers around the development of the entrepreneurship eco-system in Africa, particularly in relation to skills, technology, innovation and STEM. She is an Advisor, Business Coach and Mentor to African entrepreneurs and a Funding-SME Matchmaker. Her clients also include those in the Diaspora who need practical advice and steps towards Doing Business in Africa.

Her portfolio career spans 15 years’ experience in the North America, Europe and Africa in Management Consultancy, Project Management and Advisory Board roles. She currently sits on the board of 4 companies.

She is actively seeking collaboration with Investors to fund SMEs, Agencies to fund the business /skills development of entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs requiring support, mentoring.
Amma has a keen interest in Tech, Innovation, Agribusiness and Social Enterprise entrepreneurs.  


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