What do I need to do to start a business as a dual citizen?

The entire opening day of the summit is dedicated to entrepreneurship so all your questions will be answered there.

How does this summit benefit me as a Diasporan?

The summit is designed to provide you with information on new opportunities available in Ghana to aid your diaspora return and reintegration as well as Support Mechanisms not readily available until now.

When can we vote?

The right to vote for Ghanaians abroad is enshrined in a law called ROPAA signed in February of 2006. However, the law has yet to be implemented. This summit hopes to produce a timeline for ROPAA implementation.

How can I learn about employment opportunities in Ghana?

The entire second day of the summit is dedicated to human resources so all your questions will be answered there.

Do I need to apply for dual citizenship card?

Ghana’s Supreme Court has ruled in Asare versus Attorney General that Ghanaian nationals no longer need to register for dual citizenship card.

What is ROPAA?

It is the acronym for Representation of the People Amendment Act, the law that currently gives Ghanaians abroad the right to vote from abroad in Ghana’s elections although it has not yet been implemented.

How do we know Ghana really wants us back?

It is true that previous governments have paid lip service to diaspora needs. But there is renewed commitment by the current government to roping in the Ghanaian diaspora for Ghana’s development.

Are there any discounts on flights and hotels?

Such opportunities are still being worked on and the information will be made available as soon as it becomes available. But in the mean time you can go ahead and make your travel arrangement as usual.

Does the registration fee include food?

Yes. There will be some free food provided. But some contribution will be required for other special meals.

Is transportation to and from the summit location provided?

No. But the organizers may be able to help in some circumstances on request.

What’s the difference between 2001 and 2017?

Unlike 2001 we have a Diaspora Relations Office Director at the office of the presidency who is charged with gathering all feedback and developments at the summit and using them to develop what we envisage to become an institution dedicated to mobilizing the Ghanaian diaspora for national development.

Why attend the summit?

If as a Diasporan you’ve ever felt frustrated about your engagements at home, this is an opportunity to make your voice heard by a government that is now attentive and responsive to diaspora issues

What is the meaning of the theme?

The meaning of the theme is an expressed recognition that the Ghanaian diaspora represents development, opportunity, and value to the nation so this summit is welcoming all these attributes home.