DAF’s Vision:

DAF is focused on being a bridge builder between Africa and the Diaspora towards accelerated and substantive growth and development in Ghana and the Continent in general. 



Diaspora Africa Forum (DAF)

Akwaaba! The Diaspora Africa Forum (DAF) welcomes you home for the Ghana Diaspora Homecoming Summit ’17 and we are proud to be a partner for this important event! It is also DAF‘s 10th Anniversary so we are certainly in celebration mode.

, an African Union (AU) initiative, officially opened the doors of our Mission in July 2007 with the Former President John Kufour presiding over the ceremony. We are the first and only African Diaspora organization in the world with full diplomatic status, granted by the government of Ghana one decade ago. We are located on the historic W.E.B. DuBois Center compound in Accra and are open to visitors from all walks and stages of life who are seeking information on returning home or just want to stop by during their visit to Ghana. 

DAF’s mandate is to support the AU and Member States towards the integration of Africans returning from the Diaspora, while strengthening African Diaspora engagement in Ghana, specifically and continent wide, in general. You are welcome to get to know us, to celebrate the Decade of DAF with us and equally important, to help us ensure the next decade realizes more gains towards the full integration of Africans returning home, committed to accelerating our engagement in economic, social and cultural sectors. As the saying goes, “We are not African because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us.”  So we welcome you to engage, explore and educate yourself about opportunities in Africa. Please consider DAF your bridge home to Africa.  Akwaaba! 

Who is the African Diaspora?

Centuries ago, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade ripped millions of Africans from the shores of the continent, dividing kith and kin, dispersing Africans throughout the Americas and Europe in the worst crime committed against humanity. This was the origin of the first massive disbursement of Africans to the Diaspora. The contemporary African Diaspora now includes migrants from the continent over the past decades, seeking opportunities in employment and education, for the most part. We are committed to the former sector of the African Diaspora and work in solidarity with the latter towards full re-integration of the African family in Ghana and Africa wide.  DAF is a bridge between the Continent and her children far and wide.